Over 5 years in Financial, Sales experience with 2 years of communications, public relations and investor relations experience with broad experience working in a variety of environments from start-ups to publicly traded companies. Has demonstrated interpersonal communication, management, and organization skills with proven ability to work independently and complete assignments on schedule, which has contributed directly to the productivity of the organization. Currently an MBA student at Lamar University in Beaumont Texas.



1/2010 – Present       DISH Network       Houston, Texas

Advanced Tech Rep

Advanced technician agent in a call center environment, helped customers with any all and technical support problems as well as answer any customer service problems they may have, answer 40-100 calls daily. As a tech ops monitor I am responsible for watching multiple chat threads of up to 100 agents answering any questions and logging any trends or anomalies for confirmation and further testing, while continuously answering phone calls.


12/2008 – 11/2009       Herald English Academy       Daegu, South Korea

English Teacher

Taught English at a private English academy in Daegu, South Korea to Children and adults of all levels, Prepared and managed classes autonomously, and created new curriculum and activities for the school.





3/2006 – Present  

Senior Editor

Submit stories, interviews, and other writing projects, while working independently, represent in many press and industry related functions, and participate in the process of creating and implementing ideas, exclusive content, contests. Webmaster duties included


3/2006 – 8/2007          Amstar Financial Holdings, Inc.       Houston, TX

Communication Manager

As Amstar Financial Holdings’ Public Information Officer (PIO), answered directly to the CEO and CFO and was responsible for all public, corporate, and investor related communications.  Accomplishments include: 

•    Developed Amstar’s weekly company newsletter sent to all 600+ Amstar employees,

•   Coordinated, and wrote Amstar’s “Branch Manager’s Manual” used by all Amstar affiliated branches, containing all rules and procedures of Amstar Mortgage Corp.

•    Developed and coordinated shareholder and investor relations, marketing, and advertising efforts. 

 •    Implemented Amstar’s online advertising campaign successfully increased online traffic by 38% within two months.

•    Crafted all press releases to inform the press about Amstar’s message, while managing a copywriter and public relations specialist

•    Negotiated national vendor contracts and acquired discounts for Amstar employees and branch locations.

•    Insured all Amstar’s advertising was state and federal compliant.


8/2007 – 08/2008            Arise Mortgage, LLC                      Houston, TX

Branch Manager

Established and managed one of the initial retail branch locations for a new National Mortgage Brokerage firm, managing the creation and day-to-day business while hiring and managing employees to fulfill needed functions 


 3/2003 – 08/2007                Amstar Mortgage             Houston, TX

Loan Officer

Managed and created own book of business independently while finding the best banks and lending companies for my clients.  Maintained licenses or availability to do loans in: AK, AL, CO, CA, DC, FL, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, MA, NE, NM, OK, TX, VA, WY









12/2003 - 6/2004              Amstar Mortgage                       Houston, TX

Account Executive

As a founding account executive for Amstar's Wholesale Lending division, successfully created a new book of business from nothing, while learning and educating mortgage brokers and loan officers on our new and different products, and soliciting and pitching new loan guideline ideas.

•    Top producer 02/2003-06/2003



8/2001-06/2006                University of Houston               Houston, TX



9/2002 - Present              Alpha Kappa Psi: Tau Psi Chapter

Vice President of Membership in 2004 and Vice President of Alumni Relations in 2006